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Welcome to Spirited Waters. This website was established to find out more about the psychic side of life. I personally believe that there is nothing mystical about it; everyone is able to learn it. I believe this ability is latent in everyone, and all we need to do is acknowledge it, and accept it.
Right now, this website deals with Astral Travels and Reiki. However, it is and always will be in a state of expansion.
There's a lot of knowledge out there to share.

If you wish to learn Reiki from me, if you arrange a group of 6, your course fees will be free.

:: Reiki ::
Reiki is an ancient healing art which involves the laying of hands upon the body or aura to channel healing energy. When attuned to the second degree, the Reiki healer is able to heal from a distance and across time.
This ability is available to everyone but in most people is dormant. Attunement by a Reiki Master Teacher will 'awaken' this ability; the person agrees to become a channel for the healing energy.
Onces attuned, people generally find improvement in their lives. There is less stress, more harmony with oneself and a more positive outlook in life.
:: Astral Travel ::
Done in a meditative mood, the mind is freed and allowed to wander and discover things and places on its own. It is possible to visit real places and with practice see what is happening around that particular place.
At the moment this area is under construction. Expect to see updates soon!

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Latest Update: 11.10.03

Just included my Tarot and crystal section and most importantly, ALL ABOUT ME!! :) yes, a section whee you can find out more about me.

Upcoming events:

Planning another Question and Answer + brief free healing session. Not sure when, but will post date soon.

Also planning to do attunements soon. If you are interested in learning Reiki I, come on and join in, the more, the cheaper it is overall!

I have now completed both Reiki I and Reiki II manuals. if you are interested in receiving it, kindly send me an email.

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